Let's talk about it.
i feel u about tha scrobbling, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

a friend of mine doesn’t manage to download the scrobbler anymore and every hour he feels the need to tell me what he’s listening to. and I’m pretty sure soon I’ll start writing it down and every sunday I’ll give him his weekly charts. I think that’s what friendship is about.

i’m tired of all this music streaming
it’s boring
streaming means i can’t put it on the mp3 player and listen to it on the bus
streaming means i can’t scrobble it
streaming means i don’t even want to listen to it anymore

dear topshelf records, i know you follow me on tumblr. come on. free download of frameworks’ “loom”.
dear dogknightsproductions, you know me. come on. free download of shirokuma and tinymovingparts/oldgray.

for a better world.

Anonymous asked: do you really dislike seahaven as much as your comics seem to suggest?im curious as to what your opinions on them are

nah, not really. their old stuff was pretty good.
i think the new album is quite boring though, the two times i listened to it i really disliked it.

what do you mean the american football flyer i posted is fake
trust me duh

There are two kinds of good bands:
- bands that you enjoy even if you only focus on the music/lyrics without doing anything else while listening (2 %)
- bands that you enjoy while playing 2048 (98 %)

ultimatesteve asked: If you want some more cool swedish bands, try Careless, Domarringen and Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket

Careless are pretty nice and they’ll probably get much better in the future. I know only the name of the last one but never listened, and never heard the second one. But I’ll listen to them. soon. or next winter. cuz mood.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of bands like Totem Skin and No Omega?

The self-titled EP by Totem Skin was really amazing but now their sound is too metal for me.

No Omega.. never really managed to get into their records but their live shows were perfect, at least a few years ago, now I don’t know anymore ‘cause they keep changing members but probably they’re still a good live band.

Sweden has so many cool bands though. Rainmaker are really precious. Disembarked definitely know what they’re doing even when there are so many bad bands playing the same genre. Trachimbrod had this amazing debut LP but I fear they kinda lost themselves trying to copy Sore Eyelids. Sore Eyelids are great. “Heir” by Suis La Lune is still the best screamo EP ever released. Followed By 37 Seconds Of Happiness is still the most underrated screamo band in Europe (R.I.P., though). Anemone were amazing. Heart On My Sleeve are really really good at writing music and lyrics. I should listen to Via Fondo more. I dislike Grieved. I still have to listen to the new records by Shirokuma and Trembling Hands, I’ll probably enjoy the first a lot.

Yeah, Sweden has a lot of stuff going on. Once I’ve been there. For like.. 3 hours. At the airport. It was March but it was really cold you can totally see why they write all this music.. ‘cause it’s fucking cold I swear.