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Anonymous asked: Smith St Band are the worst. (that is your answer to that question)

but potentially amazing  ! ! ! ! !

Anonymous asked: need to know your thoughts on The Smith Street Band. Do you think they're legit?

hmm you know, I used to think “this band is probably great if I get into them!” but I never managed to listen to more than two songs in a row. so to me they’re probably only potentially great.

also they’re playing at Groezrock in Belgium where I’m going (losing my skramz credibility, etc.) but they’re playing between Drug Church and Apologies I Have None (who play on the same stage) and I’ll definitely be too lazy to check them out. “i potentially saw them” is what I will say.

I’m starting to think about the next issue of my fanzine. This time I’ll try to make it longer, and probably it will take more time. No rush. Cool? Any suggestions? What you wanna read? (not that I’m gonna care too much about what you want, but still, maybe some precious advice would be cool)
And for those who bought the first one.. Things you liked? Things you hated? Yolo?

I have still a few copies of the #1, you can get one HERE. Tomorrow I’ll ship one to California and one to Greece <3 so many countries :’)

wait what

wait what



Anonymous asked: Which other decent (cool!) tumlr blogs do you like/ follow/ can suggest?

I don’t follow almost anything ‘cause Tumblr really annoys me :(  except for: , of course.

Anonymous asked: what music DO you like then lol

Trophy Scars.

Anonymous asked: Shows us ur lastfm charts pls


they’re very disappointing, trust me. I mean, my neighbours are all smartphone-mirror-pics-american-16-years-old-lizziemcguire so that’s enough.

Anonymous asked: Lots of love for what you've said from the portugal hardcore scene <3 Now, you need to try Porto.

Yes I got many people telling me that Porto is the best city in the world (not even kidding haha) and that shows there are great. I’m a bit bummed I’m not in Portugal this week ‘cause seeing Amenra there would have been really cool. Buuut, I’ll definitely come someday soon <3